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Even with the Internet around, the presence of consumer reports magazine cannot be ignored. Consumers continue to look up to this magazine to help with information on the right products and services. This magazine has been consistent and it has taken advantage of the online market.

Consumer reports magazine was and still reviews products and services according to the quality, reliability, company commitment, warranty and affordability. This is a magazine that focuses on the important aspects and recommends consumers to consider them.

And since technology is advancing, consumer reports magazine seems to be doing that too. It is digging deeper for information, using what other customers are saying to educate others. If you have been buying from an online store, you must have come across the reviews or testimonials page. Customers are finding it necessary to share their experience after using a product. Consumer reports magazine gathers this information and provides it to students and other consumers.

Students as Consumers

After enrolling for college, students tend to think its fun all the way. Truth is that college life can be interesting if you want it to be and it can also be hectic. It can be fun if you plan well for your study time and play time. You have a lot to do and the earlier you create a schedule the better. Students who do not plan accordingly go through a hectic time when in college. They will do things in hurry and do not think about the consequences. But what if there is a solution and you didn’t have to rush through things? Well, provides that solution through consumer reports.

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Reviewing Services for Writing companies

Every college student understands that working with an essay writing company is a good thing. However, many do not know that essay writing companies may also fail in their duties. There are unscrupulous essay services that are out to rip off students and those that aim at giving high quality work. Which one do you want to work with? Checxk out consumer reports at

How we work has created an open platform allowing students who have used essay-writing services to post their comments and experiences. Using that information, we have gone ahead to create a numerical ranking system based on the quality of the product, affordability, reliability and customer care.

Thanks to us, students can now make informed decisions and have a great future ahead.